New information, Corrections, and Updates.

Plain old typos will be ignored, but mistakes in editing or printing that affect the meaning of the writing or the clarity of the facts will be corrected here.

1-8-14 Pg. 53- The last sentence on this page was cut off in the printing. Full sentence is:
51 English Setters won AKC show championships during the first decade of the century, 41 from straight or predominantly Laverack type show lines.

3-8-14 Pg. 89- There is an incorrect date half-way down in the left column as in sentence:  “George Hanson bred Jeb to his Alder Run Dawn, June 6, 1967”. Deleting the date, and combining the following sentence this should read as follows: George Hanson bred Jeb to his Alder Run Dawn who whelped 9 pups, including my Seneca Grouse Tinker – a stud fee puppy. Thanks to Frank Dunstan for spotting this error.

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