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The real story behind the development of the Ryman English setter. Walter A. Lesser and Lisa M. Weisse detail the Rymans from their origins through the present day. Having bred and hunted with Ryman setters for more than 50 years, Lesser profiles the man George Ryman and how his breeding program used Laverack and Llewellin lines to create the ideal hunting setter. Lesser’s gunning tales provide valuable insights into handling, training, and hunting grouse and woodcocks with setters. Weisse’s thorough analysis of the historical record rewrites the history of the English setter. From the breed’s development in the 1800s, through the field/show “split,” to George Ryman’s breeding, her outstanding research sheds light on the truth about these events. Hunters, field trialers, show aficionados, and anyone interested in English setters will find a wealth of valuable information within this book. Includes 67 Ryman setter pedigrees.

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  1. my wife is buying the book for me for Christmas and I am looking forward to reading it. I had to put down my setter in Aug. do to kidney problems. It hurt a lot as you know. He was a Ryman type and just a wonderful guy. Everyone who met him had nothing but praise for him. Thank you for writing a book like this.

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