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  1. I saw the article about the “Real Ryman Setters” book in the Charleston WV Gazette and the photos made me ache for our setters who are long gone!
    We had three Ryman setters; #1 who was high strung was hit by a car when she took off; the 2nd one was a beauty and an excellent hunter and the 3rd was a “deer chasing, gun shy birddog” of whom my husband said it was a good thing she had her looks because that’s all she had going for her! She was a beautiful pet who with loving care lived to 15; unheard of for a Ryman setter 9 years ago!
    PS: I look forward to getting your book!
    PSS: If you know of any “worthless birddogs” keep me in mind! Today is the 1st anniversary of my husbands death from cancer and I can’t think of a nicer way to remember him then by having another “deer chasing gun shy birddog”!!

  2. Susan,
    Hope you find the history of the Ryman kennel interesting, particularly in regards to how it relates to the setters you had. Enjoy the book!

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