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  1. I received my copy of “The Real Ryman Setter” yesterday! I can hardly wait to dive into it. I had time to only begin reading but looked through the book, chapters and of course all of the beautiful pictures and captions. Wow! It is a lovely book, well thought out and definitely covers the creation of the Ryman setter. I did read parts of the many hunting stories and am excited to sit down this weekend (since bird season is over here now) and spend time with Lisa, Walt and the others as well as the beautiful Ryman setters. Congratulations to you Lisa and Walt! PS – I believe I said several times as I was going through the pictures – Boy that one sure looks like Blue!!

  2. Walt and Lisa,
    What a “Great Book” I feel like I am Grouse Hunting in the Appalachian Mountains, the Setters ahead on point, seeing the wonder of the Canaan Valley for the very first time. The Collection of Pedigrees and the research behind them is a thrill to read and assess. Thank you both for this monumental effort.

  3. Aware of the “The Real Ryman Setter” I couldn’t wait to receive and read my review copy. Immediately afterwards I offered it in Grouse Tales. What a delightful and informative book full of factual information on the complete history of the renowned Ryman English setter – plus the wonderful Appalachian grouse hunting stories by Walt Lesser. I’ve been a grouse hunter for 60 years and will say without batting an eye that “The Real Ryman Setter” is a must book for everyone hunting grouse and woodcock.

  4. I did own a Decoverly setter until just recent. She came down with a liver disease at only 7 1/2.
    I am trying to follow the Decoverly line and don’t know if there are Hemlocks & Ryman’s or just how the line got started. Does this book shed any light on that direction?

  5. Kevin,
    There have been other lines added in recent years, but the DeCoverlys began with dogs directly from the Ryman kennel during it’s later years when it was managed by George Ryman’s widow Ellen and her second husband Carl Calkins. Yes, I think the book would help you know the history a little better.

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