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Saturday, April 12, 2014 —   Walt will be signing books at Barnes & Noble in Morgantown, West Virginia – starting at 1:00 pm.   This store is located at 3000 University Towne Centre Dr., near the West Virginia University campus.  He is looking forward to seeing old friends and meeting new ones.

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  1. Mr. Lesser, I purchased a blue belton female pup from Preston Faust in 1988. After reading your book I reviewed her pedigree and was surprised to see many of the dogs from your book. Rosey lived to be over 14 years old and hunted through 13 years. Grouse, woodcock and quail here in Missouri, pheasants, quail, and chickens in Kansas, grouse and woodcock in Wisconsin. She was an extraordinary bird dog and a great house pet. One of the best ever. I am certain that we had thousands of opportunities over her points. Thank you for the great book. All of the best to you. Tim Earney

    • Dear Tim,
      Many thanks for your comments and feedback on our book. I can relate to your excitement in opening a book and seeing illustrations of setters related to one of your own. I’m very happy that you are pleased with our book and appreciate your comments.
      Best regards,

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